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Securing Excellence in Demanding Environments


Deep Sea Mooring is the trusted choice for E&P (exploration and production) companies and drilling operators that demand the best in safe, innovative and optimum quality mooring solutions. 

We understand the needs of customers looking for complete peace of mind when operating in the harshest of natural environments. Our market-leading position on the Norwegian Continental Shelf has given us unique expertise and industry insight, which we are now leveraging to expand internationally. Our aim is to meet individual customer demand and outperform expectations, right around the world.

With this in mind we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, including the rental of cutting-edge mooring equipment, complete pre-lay and rig move mooring solutions, marine engineering and a broad range of ancillary services.

Our experienced and motivated staff are experts at meeting industry challenges with successful solutions. We have the ability to guide projects from inception to completion, with involvement from the early design phase through to the safe, reliable and secure positioning of any mobile offshore unit. With an uncompromising focus on QHSE standards, as well as optimum efficiency – boosting operational uptime and taking advantage of limited weather windows – we pride ourselves on delivering results that give our customers competitive advantages.

Deep Sea Mooring is owned by HitecVision, a leading investor in the oil and gas industry. Deep Sea Mooring, your first step to securing drilling success.

Vision and Values
Unity of purpose, clarity of vision

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Board of Directors
Business knowledge and hands-on experience

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Focused on client success

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Vision and Values


Our vision for Deep Sea Mooring is to be the recognised, trusted global leader in providing secure, innovative and high quality mooring solutions that deliver optimum results for all our stakeholders, all the time.

Our approach is based on a solid, shared mind-set:


Board of Directors

Business knowledge and hands-on experience

Per Ravnestad
Board Member

Per Ravnestad has more than 30 years experience from the oil and gas industry. Up until 2010, Ravnestad was Scana’s group director for business development. He came to Scana from the position as Managing Director in IOS Tubular Management.

Wolfgang Wandl
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Wandl has more than 20 years of experience from senior positions in the oil and gas industry, and has lived and worked in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. He was the former CEO and Managing Director of Viking Moorings / Viking Seatech. Before this he was responsible for the civil construction of concrete GBS platforms for Norwegian Contractors in Norway and PWS in Canada, and holds a degree in Civil Engineering from THS Wien in Austria.

Frode Høyland
Board member

Mr. Høyland has been the CFO in Deep Sea Mooring since 2014 and has 18 years of experience from CFO positions, including Sparebanken Vest, Jebsen Management and Jo Tankers​. In addition, he has 5 years of audit experience from PWC. Høyland has an MBA in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen (NHH)​, is a State Authorized Public Accountant and has a Master of Science in Accounting & Auditing and CPA from NHH.​



Deep Sea Mooring strives to meet all defined requirements, including those from our customers, statutory and regulatory requirements, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and industry associations.

As a fundamental part of our business strategy we endeavour to:

  • Be the preferred partner for our customers.
  • Conduct our business in a manner whereby we can effectively manage all HSSEQ challenges.
  • Strive to meet our HSSEQ objectives and standards by monitoring and reviewing our progress and performance.
  • Ensure a complete understanding of all aspects of our operations, and implement controls to minimise any negative impact or consequences.
  • Prevent pollution and minimise our environmental footprint.
  • Prevent injury and ill health.
  • Continually improve our HSSEQ performance to achieve zero incidents and spills.


The platform for achievement

Deep Sea Mooring has developed and implemented a Company Management System (CMS) that is continuously maintained for effectiveness and process improvements.


Individual performance, team accomplishment

Our HSSEQ policy is communicated to all employees in Deep Sea Mooring, and is reviewed periodically to ensure its adequacy. Each employee shall be informed about and understand his/her responsibilities. He/she shall also understand the significance of one’s own work in any minor or major processes in the company.


Quality assured

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management system
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management
OHSAS 18001:2007 – Occupational H&S management systems

The application of our management system is mandatory in all activities throughout DSM.