Logistics And Maintenance


Deep Sea Mooring is committed to following robust and reliable systems that facilitate excellence in all aspects of logistics and maintenance. We ensure that all our staff, and all our clients, have access to the information they need when sourcing the required, high-quality equipment for the most demanding deep sea assignments.


Deep Sea Mooring employs a team of experienced logistics personnel and utilizes the best available IT systems to keep track of our equipment. This is crucial for fulfilling our requirement of being able to show the complete history of use of every single component, and for keeping track of re-certifications and maintenance programmes.

Furthermore, we have developed our own marking system to ensure we have full control of all ID numbers and the locations of the associated equipment. Our customers can also log on to our website to see all drawings and documentation and the status for each component in the mooring system.

Our base facilities also include large in-door and outdoor storage areas with state-of-the-art maintenance shops, paint shops, spooling devices and other specialised equipment for handling and maintaining mooring equipment.


Deep Sea Mooring, like its customers, implicitly understands the benefits and value of protecting its assets.

Not only do we invest in the highest quality equipment available, but we also ensure that it retains that high quality through a stringent programme of maintenance routines, requirements and rigorous inspections.

All of our equipment is maintained with care and inspected with precision, ensuring that our customers can enjoy complete peace of mind every time it is mobilised.


Deep Sea Mooring uses specialised software to plan and document the components used in mooring lines.

The documentation is available in the Documentation Portal. To get access to the Portal, please send an inquiry for your personal username and password and to which rigs you request access to. 

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